It starts at the source of Rock n Roll with Link Wray and Sister Rossetta Tharpe, and follows the decades through to Glam Rock heroes such as Bowie, Marc Bolan, rock gods such as Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin and rock goddesses such as Grace Slick, Debbie Harry and Polystyrene.


    The decadence and gender blurring of the 1970s, the colour, the prints, the louche and dandyesque dressing up box style characterised by The New York Dolls, Hendrix, Marianne Faithful, Jimmy Page and Anita Pallenberg….Guys in their girlfriends blouses & Patti Smith in her boyfriends jeans…


    Think Louise Brooks meets Edie Segwick and Candy Darling at The Factory, The GTOs at CBGB and 70s cult screen sirens and free thinkers such as Uchi Obermier and Tina Aumont who expressed their sex appeal with raw edge and bouffant hair, stained lips and big black exaggerated eyes!"